Standing with immigrant families

Steppingstone stands firmly in support of every ​member of our community, no matter ​their race, ​where they were born​,​​​ or their citizenship status.

We are proud and grateful to belong to a community ​of Scholars, families, teachers, and staff who represent more than 20 countries, speak more than 15 languages, ​and ​who ​we know–with 100% conviction​–are making this country a better place for us all.

When our country ​harms immigrant families–whether by incarcerating and deporting children’s parents, spreading uncertainty and fear, or denying students financial aid–our country is directly harming members of our community. When it chooses policies that support centuries of systemic racism and oppression, it directly harms members of our community.

To all Steppingstone community members who have been affected by​ the ​racism and prejudice shaping decisions throughout the country: We see you. We value you. And we ​are here to stand beside you.

You can always give Steppingstone a call if you are looking for support.


  • Free Legal Assistance: Those of you affected by recent changes in U.S. immigration policy can reach out to your Steppingstone Advisor if you would like free legal assistance from our partner, Ropes & Gray, whose legal team works with Steppingstone students and immediate families facing immigration concerns.
  • Local Efforts:
  • Ways to Take Action: Detailed information here and here and here


6th grade Steppingstone Scholars designed and distributed these hats to symbolize the importance of inclusivity and immigration in their school community.